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Resume Writing

There is not much to say about this service- you need a resume, period, for almost any job search situation. Resume writing is highly specialized because no two individuals are alike. Although we would prefer giving you an exact quote for your resume project, the truth is that our price for this service depends on several factors, including your years of experience, the type of resume you need, and any other special situations we may need to address.

Feel free to call us directly or email us, and we will give you an exact price quote.


Cover Letter Writing

Cover letters are such a critical part of your job search that we can think of very few instances in which they would not be needed. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you include this as part of your job search strategy. We often conduct company research on your behalf to give your letter the "punch" that sets it apart, we avoid the cliches and tired statements found in the majority of cover letters, and we invest the time it takes to write great cover letters, period.


References Summary

Sure, you can list your references, with contact information, on a sheet of paper- 99% of job seekers do this. But wouldn't it catch an employer's eye if you included a sentence or two about your relationship with the reference and perhaps even a comment/quote from that reference? Our References Summary documents are like no others you will find anywhere, and we highly recommend you add this to your job search arsenal.


Internet Resume

Many employers request that you send your resume to them via e-mail, but they don't want you to send it as an attachment. The best way to do this is to copy and paste your resume into the body of an e-mail. But here's the problem- if you try to do this from your Microsoft Word document, your resume will come out garbled on the recipient's end, and your job search will begin on a very unprofessional note. We will convert all your document(s) into an Internet-compatible format- and we will include specific instructions FOR FREE on how to copy-and-paste this into both an email message and an online job board.


Thank You Letter

90% of job seekers forget to send a thank you letter following an interview. The other 10% make a much stronger impression on employers. Join the minority- and outdistance the majority- by having an interview follow-up letter that makes an outstanding impression. Your thank you letter will say more than simply "thanks- hope you hear from you" – we will actually discuss your interview with you and determine the most salient point(s) we can mention to grab the employer's attention.


Resume Addendum

Are you in a field requiring more information than can fit on a standard 2-3 page resume? You have the option of having us create a Resume Addendum for this material. Examples would be a list of technical skills for an IT Professional, a portfolio of projects for a Project Management Professional, and a list of training courses for a Law Enforcement Professional. For any field, a Resume Addendum can be created to include information that does not make the final resume "cut." The Resume Addendum would be presented during an interview.


Resume Distribution

We partner with the industry-leading resume distribution firms to offer targeted resume distribution that provides you with a greater chance for success in landing interviews. Contact us for more details.


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